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Welcome to the Refrigeration Training College, or simply , The Fridge School, Here you will receive the best refrigeration training available in Southern Africa that will enable you, after completing our training course in fridge repair, to earn a living as a fridge mechanic or even run your own refrigeration maintenance and repair business

Target Students

The Refrigeration School educates and trains refrigeration students from all over Southern Africa, namely

  • Locally,

  • Nationally

  • International Students

National And International Fridge Students can either arrange there own accommodation or be accommodated in our on site Dormitory for the duration of their training

Training is done in English

The Classes are always tried to be kept relatively small , no more than about 20 students, as this allows the Lectures / Trainers to interact effectively on a more personal level with the students while also allowing the student to benefit from the class interaction

Course Structure

The Fridge Training program is a 48 hour course that focuses for roughly half the time on domestic Refrigeration and then progresses onto commercial refrigeration

During the Domestic Refrigeration phase , as this is the foundation blocks to performing competently as a fridge technician, again, about half the time is spent in lectures and the other half in our Practical Training Labs were the students are taught everything form Basic Welding , electric’s and progressing up to compressor and system diagnosing as applicable in the Refrigeration field

Commercial Fridge Training has less Practical Lab Training but more intensive interactive lecturing


The Refrigeration School is specifically located about 50 meters away from the Krugersdorp Railway Station and a Taxi Rank

This is to enable local and distance Students to commute either by Taxi or Train home or , in the case of National and International Students to arrive and depart by Train or Taxi with minimal fuss